CRAZY MUSEUM now live on Kickstarter

Dear human readers,

Allow me to share the updates I’ve discovered during my recent adventures. It turns out Don Gato was right; CRAZY MUSEUM is a board game created by Jordi and Susana. It seems they’ve been working on it while Don Gato and I pursued our explorations, and they’ve finally decided to share it with the world.

From what I’ve overheard, it hasn’t been an easy process: they’ve been tirelessly working for months, and there were many times when it seemed like they were overwhelmed. Nevertheless, I’m fascinated to see how happy they are… I imagine that when one undertakes a project with love, no matter how challenging the journey, it’s always worth it.

During the development of this project, as I mentioned earlier, they held an illustration contest to find the perfect cover for CRAZY MUSEUM. I would have loved to participate since there’s never a wrong time to dive into illustration, but unfortunately, I’ve been too busy accompanying Don Gato. Perhaps I’ll have better luck next time! Even so, I’ve had the honor of seeing some of the proposals, and if you permit me, I must confess that the level has been extremely high. I can’t fathom how Jordi and Susana managed to settle on just one illustration.

Don Gato, in one of his never-ending monologues, explained to me that CRAZY MUSEUM is available through a crowdfunding platform called KICKSTARTER. You can access it through the links Jordi and Susana are sharing on their social media, website, and even through Don Gato’s Friends List.

Honestly, I don’t understand what any of the above paragraph means, but Don Gato has been quite insistent that I share all this information with you. Finally, he also asked me to provide you with the link to the CRAZY MUSEUM Kickstarter here: click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Now that I’ve fulfilled my duty, all that’s left is to explain what I’ve been up to all this time. I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve convinced Don Gato to visit the emerging tribes of TRENCADAUS before continuing our exploration of its vast world. It hasn’t been an easy task, but he promised we’ll embark on this new adventure as soon as Jordi and Susana finish the entire campaign for the CRAZY MUSEUM game.

I confess that although I’m eager to start this new journey, it makes me happy to accompany Jordi and Susana on this little adventure they’re experiencing. Last night, Don Gato forced me to try CRAZY MUSEUM, and honestly, we ended up having a great time. Besides, Don Gato told me that it made him happy to see me laugh so much. Perhaps I should try to show more affection to him…

Either way, I hope you decide to give CRAZY MUSEUM a chance and join my human friends, Jordi and Susana, on this wild adventure.

Once again, I invite you to let curiosity always light your path, and I’ll see you in the next adventure, dear readers.

May the adventures continue!