Dear human readers,

Allow me to introduce myself once again: I am Mr. Topo del Toboso, known as Topo by my friends, although I don’t mind if you address me as Mr. Topo. I am an old bald rat, and my life has been dedicated to accompanying Don Gato III de Dos Rocas on his adventures throughout the vast world. I like to consider myself an amateur explorer, though I must admit that my true passion lies in recording every wonder and mystery I encounter on my journeys so that I can later share my writings. If you permit me, I would like to start by telling you about a very special place called TRENCADAUS.


TRENCADAUS is a world created by the minds of Jordi and Susana, two humans who found Don Gato and me during one of our adventures, where we didn’t come out unscathed, and they decided to take us in and care for us until we recovered. They refer to TRENCADAUS as a board game company; I haven’t quite figured out what exactly a “company” is, but I’m keeping an eye on it.


What I can assure you about TRENCADAUS is that it is a unique world. Don Gato has only just begun to explore it, but we have already encountered completely different civilizations. We visited a fascinating continent where it seems that their societies are developing for the first time, but we’ll talk about them another time. During our last visit to TRENCADAUS, Don Gato took me to a museum, which he assured me had the greatest collection of relics I could imagine. Being a history enthusiast, it seemed like a must-visit: there’s no better way to get to know a place than by first understanding its history. However, when we arrived at the Grand Museum, we found the exhibition closed. It appears that the great collection of relics has attracted some unwanted thieves who intend to steal it… I will never understand the greed of some individuals.



After such a disappointment, we returned home to reorganize our journey: Don Gato wants to continue exploring the territory of TRENCADAUS, but in my humble opinion, the emerging tribes of the continent I mentioned earlier are more fascinating. I hope Don Gato reconsiders and gives me the opportunity to return there.


But, excuse me, I’m digressing from the topic. I wanted to tell you that the return home was quite curious: during our short absence, it seems that Jordi and Susana have been advancing in their own adventures. I can’t help but hear them talk about a project they are about to reveal to the world. Don Gato is very excited; he believes it’s a board game and has assured me it’s called “CRAZY MUSEUM”. Although I’m not usually fond of leisure activities, the name alone piques my curiosity, doesn’t it? Since our arrival, there’s been excitement in the air, and I suspect that this game, knowing Jordi and Susana, could turn out to be something extraordinary.


As for this project, “CRAZY MUSEUM”, I bring more news, dear readers. It turns out that Jordi and Susana are looking for an illustration for their presentation, so they’ve launched a contest that has them very excited. Despite my efforts, I haven’t managed to obtain more details on this matter, but I promise to continue investigating and return soon with more news.


Unfortunately, I believe it’s time to bid farewell for now. I hear Don Gato calling my name, and I must fulfill my duty. Until next time, dear readers.


May the adventures continue!