Night falls over the Grand Museum and its incredible collection of relics. It’s time to act to seize them and prove that you’re the world’s best thief. But beware! Not only must you avoid its tireless guards, but also the terrible mummy that wanders lost in the museum, putting an end to anyone who crosses its path… Can you be the fastest thief and make it safely out of the Grand Museum?

“The first game of THE ARCADE SERIES”
What is Crazy Museum?
¿Qué es Crazy Museum?

Crazy Museum is a competitive game for one to four players in which you’ll take on the role of a thief. Your goal is to steal the greatest number of relics without getting caught. To achieve this, you must locate various items scattered throughout the museum, utilize different power-ups available from vending machines, and feed cheese to your rat friend to help hinder your opponents.

1-3 Jugadores
increíbles gráficos
Each game of Crazy Museum is unique.
Discover a new museum in every game!

The Grand Museum is randomly generated as players explore new rooms.

Plan your strategy carefully!

Manage your thief’s actions to achieve your objectives. Every situation presents a new challenge.

Unleash the chaos!

Use various power-ups to create chaos in the museum and make it tough for your opponents.

Try not to get caught!

Hide from the guards and escape from the mummy as fast as you can. These characters won’t stop searching throughout the museum until they catch you.

Dare to try it on your own?

Experience something different by playing solo against the Grand Museum. Can you steal all the relics and make it out of the museum alive?

If you want to know how to play in detail, download the rulebook…
...or learn to play with us.

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Available Languages

Our big dream is to create games that everyone worldwide can enjoy, and we would absolutely love to offer our games in as many languages as possible. However, we are a small and new company, and at this moment, making that dream come true is beyond our reach. Nonetheless, we’ve been working very hard to launch our game in both English and Spanish: small steps that bring us closer to our goal.

Our little HQ is in Terrassa, near Barcelona, and we’ve got our hearts set on translating
CRAZY MUSEUM into Catalan. To do so, we want to invite you to help us turn this dream into reality: we only need 150 supporters who want to have the game in Catalan.

If you are one of these people, you just have to choose the “Edició CATALÀ” (Catalan edition) when you make your contribution. This way, we can keep track of how many of you there are, and once we achieve it, we’ll get to work.

As you may have already seen, the good news is that the translations are already done, so you can download the rulebook for free